About Nandini's 9th Count Dance Academy

Art is what makes us humans. The love for dance and music is there in every individual. All of us must have danced at least once in our life, but for some it becomes life. The passion for dance in Nandini is what created "Nandini’s The 9th Count Dance Academy."

Nandini has her Masters in Business Administration from Anna University and had been working for MNCs in Chennai, India for more than 5 years. Her stay in New York for 3 years was an eye opener. Her passion for dance was never satisfied until she started “Nandini’s The 9th Count Dance Academy” in Bengaluru in 2012 when she returned to India. Now, she enjoys every moment she spends with her students, helping to kindle the passion for art and dance in today’s generation.

Art in its classical form should be available to everyone interested.